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Hi, I’m Craig Smith, I’m an Agile editor at Info Q and we’re here at Agile 2012 in Dallas in Texas, it’s my great pleasure to be here with Mike Griffiths. So, DSDM the Agile method, was a consortium based method and I was working there as a developer at the time and later as a team lead, and so I was just in the right place at the right time and got involved in the creation of DSDM, I enjoyed the process and stayed with that method as I worked for IBM and we enjoyed using Agile approaches towards solving problems.You mentioned DSDM, probably a lot of people who will be watching this, even people at this conference wouldn’t be aware that a lot of the original Agile methods were invented in the 90s, and DSDM was a pretty big part of that.What’s different between DSDM as it was and where the Agile community is now? Well, the big difference was that in the early days DSDM was like a paid membership model, and I think that really hurt the methodology a lot, so as Scrum and other methods were being popularized and made freely available, you had to pay and become a member of this consortium to get access to the methods and I think the big learning message from the whole thing is to make it available and try and gain market share and that’s the way to grow and be successful, not to have a closed model that you have to pay to get access to.My previous background before that was in more rigorous defined military project development, which was very much high rigor high process and so to be able to balance that or bring the pendulum a little bit more towards user involvement was really good.Yes, I got started in 1994, I’ve been using Agile for the last 18 years exclusively, so certainly been immersed for a long time, it feels now, in the whole Agile community which has been good for me. So, I would just like to pick up on the military thing for just a minute, having come from that background and looking back on that, is there anything that we can learn or still need to learn from perhaps the way the military worked?

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When you consider all the people project managers must communicate with it’s easy to believe that statistic.