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Abominations such as the Oklahoma character began to appear, as did an unhealthy fixation with pole matches that eventually led to Buff Bagwell’s mother being competed over." Ruby Chao: but was she on a pole too Gooper Blooper: Yes Ruby Chao: oh my god Gooper Blooper: never underestimate WCW --- --- Gooper Blooper: The holiday Fite Club battle, by the way, was going to be a 2-on-2 against Heat Miser and Snow Miser Gooper Blooper: my explanation for the battle not happening is that Beheeyem couldn't get the two of them to stop yelling at each other for more than five seconds Ruby Chao: lel Dacro: Oh geez. =V Cornwind Evil: Ash: I would argue Snow Miser sucks more as he appeared in Batman and Robin. dont do it man it said Kanyes DEAD ZONE: you;l never get out of kanye's zone Kanyes DEAD ZONE: i was a bit weirded out but i figured he just thought id be addicted. this was no ordinary kanye Kanyes DEAD ZONE: just then, another item spawned. and then i saw something weird Kanyes DEAD ZONE: the screen breifly flashed to kanye wet. he held it up proudly nad showe me the bullet hole, and i couldve sworn i saw the words "kanye's zone" over the wound Kanyes DEAD ZONE: it only lasted for a frame but it was too hyper realsitic. now, more than ever, i didnt want to let kanye into his zone Kanyes DEAD ZONE: this happened every ten thousand bucks. i was about to have highest score every at kanye world, one hundred million dollar Kanyes DEAD ZONE: seventy million. kanye was at a s door and it looked really vamiliar but i did not know why Kanyes DEAD ZONE: then ih eard a knock and i realized why. -leaves to Lonely Man theme from the incredible Hulk- --- Ringabel: Spinda caught! just then ominous lightningstruck and my other friend rubbyhao left the chatzy. i Komodo: Hahaha Dacro: D'OH HO HO HO HO HO HO i Komodo: "Stay cool, Bird Boy." --- Ringabel: the week after this one is birthday time Gooper Blooper: =o Ringabel: I AM PREPARED Ruby Chao: yaaaay Ruby Chao gets Harpy the gift of completing Bravely Default Ringabel: finish OR for my birthday and that'll be the best gift Ringabel: TWO WEEKS, BUDDY Ringabel: srsly tho i just want art stuff, mandela books, or food Gooper Blooper: That's about how long it took for me to beat OR : V Ringabel: okay that's totes plausible, get to work Ruby Ruby Chao: goopy why Ruby Chao: you should have lied and said it took you two years Ruby Chao: given me breathing room Gooper Blooper: but it doesn't Gooper Blooper: one or two hours a day, off you go Ruby Chao: but i still need to complete the BD bonus challenges : I Gooper Blooper: 3DS TIME --- Ruby Chao goes to doublecheck something in the Fite Club Ruby Chao: "In Room 3, the two transformers will find themselves on a large bridge." GEE I WONDER WHAT BRIDGE IT IS Gooper Blooper: NOW YOU KNOW Ruby Chao: you were there when i mentioned how you kind of ruined praline right Gooper Blooper: *turns towards screen, waves hands, theme music plays* Gooper Blooper: I don't recall Ringabel: gooper double ruined derosa Gooper Blooper: double? i mean i was already addicted tobinding of isaak and two games would mean id never leave the compuerbox Ruby Chao was timed out 14 seconds ago Kanyes DEAD ZONE: so i clamed him down and clicked on the link Ruby Chao joined the chat Kanyes DEAD ZONE: just then ominous lightningstruck and my other friend rubbyhao left the chatzy. it was wepon Kanyes DEAD ZONE: kanye beelined toward weepon and his picture changed. don't let me into ymzone" Kanyes DEAD ZONE: how can i when i cant reach you!? kanye west was at my door Kanyes DEAD ZONE: i moved the circle around and tried to mnock him away but he moved around it,laughing evilly. dont let me into my zone Kanyes DEAD ZONE: then, at ninety ninet million dollars and inety nine sense, he made a beeline right for the cirlce. i couldn't stop it Kanyes DEAD ZONE: as he hit the cirlce i heard boolet, and flet warm blood seeping through my shit Kanyes DEAD ZONE: as i turned to the door i saw him, crack opened through the door like he was the shining Kanyes DEAD ZONE: he grinned evlly at me and i saw stan in his eyes Kanyes DEAD ZONE: as i blacked out i heard him say the last words i would ever hear. " Ruburrito with the sudden unrelated Touhou Gooper Blooper: "CALL NOW AND WE'LL THROW IN IMGUR 2HUS ABSOLUTELY FREE! --- Cornwind Evil: Cena's wearing his new eye searing shirt Steel Komodo: what does this new shirt look like, CW? Gooper Blooper: oh, spinda, why did they make you Ringabel: it's the secret code to FFT Ringabel: Polka Polka Gooper Blooper: look at those stats Gooper Blooper: why Ringabel: improve this spinda, goops Ringabel: also it seems to be another mew-type pogey, with all the stats even Ringabel: iirc Gooper Blooper: of course... :l I've already admitted to being JRM's evil twin, and now, you reveal that you are our true selves. but it didn't say "rubychao was timmed out" it said "rubychao is has entered my zone" i shrugged it off because i had agame to play. this time kanye wouldnt let himself be stopped so easy. Get serious about reaching your goal and try to set aside at least from every paycheck and put it in an account where you can watch it grow."Once you save some money you get inspired to save more," Chatzky says. Or maybe you really don't need all 500 TV channels that the cable company is charging you for.Leave your boring, bleak, and uneventful life behind as you enter a world of kinky imagination.Free Chat Now’s roleplaying page lets you visit exotic locals and engage with alluring strangers. Free Chat Now is one of the best additions to our list of sites like Chatzy.

Gooper Blooper: I think he's saving that part for the conclusion Gooper Blooper: viola etc Ruby Chao: channel your inner viola Ruby Chao channels his inner viola too hard, starts fanboying over Tenshi Gooper Blooper: what do you do Gooper Blooper: when you're a fan of your own character Ruby Chao: write them more i guess? Red Spy: And so Godzilla obtained his Ph D in Smashing (with a minor in Thuganomics) Rock Candy Guy: And it was a glorious end for us all, until the camera cut away to a nearby street lamp, and it's sinister gaze towards the audience!

Thrash: : U Ringabel: Kevin is not sure how to feel about this article Gooper Blooper: they're talking specifically about the lower body areas tho Thrash: Not entirely.

The breasts are covered in the last paragraph, for infants already born and feeding. Draco: All the Sarahkin took class Archetypes that use Int for their Spellcasting instead of Charisma or Wisdom. Too public, and their suppliers would be irked if they went blasting off every time they went on a job. Thrash proceeds to write a grim Noire filled with blood in the pogey world --- Gooper Blooper: you tritium Ruby Chao: just start pasting that sticker on every villain utsuho defeats Draco: Tenshi adds a peach to her hat every time she defeats a villain. =V Gooper Blooper: burrrrn Ruby Chao: that burn is so hot not even tenshi can tank it --- Ruby Chao: i'm rereading the terminator fight Ruby Chao: forgot how much space marines were jobbers Gooper Blooper: I remembered Gooper Blooper: Xarr was to try and make a threatening marine Ruby Chao: it worked!

;3" i Komodo: Lisa turns herself into a cat Cornwind Evil: Sine's poking through an alternate universe for solutions, finds one where everyone is a cat i Komodo: nobody is fazed Ringabel: Ringabel is a buff as hell maine coon Ringabel: 20lbs Cornwind Evil: When the Lord is defeated, he was turned into...a lamp. it was blood red Kanyes DEAD ZONE: but maybe they just liked that color, because it went really well with the site's purple Kanyes DEAD ZONE: i go to the chaty to ask advice and there's johnropeman and his goast avatar. Kanyes DEAD ZONE: he turneded Kanyes DEAD ZONE: ive never seen a knaye tur before. i go to the chaty to ask advice and there's johnropeman and his goast avatar. you;l never get out of kanye's zone i was a bit weirded out but i figured he just thought id be addicted.

Tableter: Cattsey is some beat up ginger thing that purrs like an earthquake Tableter: And always trys to sit on your head Ringabel: kevin is basically his family cat Ringabel: purrs up thunderstorms and is capable of typing things on the internet Ringabel: like "meow" "Meow" and "GIVE ME PET FOOD" --- Cornwind Evil: "Unfortunately, without his filter Russo was free to bring practically every idea that he had to television. Gamera and Gyaos: who can stop arguing with their partner long enough to Fite the other team? this time he was crying and the bell in his head and the shades on his face were cracked Kanyes DEAD ZONE: he sent me a private message. usually they have to hit the walls and they still go straight. kanye west with a boody in a graveyard but that one was skeleotn Kanyes DEAD ZONE: but id idnt want to stop even though i was scared. kanye was on some stares Kanyes DEAD ZONE: ninety million. this time he was crying and the bell in his head and the shades on his face were cracked. i mean i was already addicted tobinding of isaak and two games would mean id never leave the compuerbox so i clamed him down and clicked on the link.

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