Dating my vintage desk

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Dating my vintage desk

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Hi Darryl, just wanted drop you a lone and tell how happy I am with my watch.

It's been one month since I received it and along with being in pristine condition it works flawlessly and keeps perfect time. Thanks David Sent from my i Pad The watch has been running flawlessly!

Vintage Timberworks has been providing and working exclusively with reclaimed lumber for over twenty years.

Our knowledgeable staff can help guide you to which product best suits your needs.

It was easily damaged if not handled with great care by watchmakers and was known to sag, causing position errors or worse, and there were claims that some of its characteristics changed with aging.

Check back often, as many items sell within a day or two.Some sellers do little more than install a new sac; we take care of everything, from flushing the feed to adjusting and smoothing the nib.We are known for our conservative grading: in many cases our "fine" is equivalent to other sellers' "excellent" or "near mint".All of our material is sourced from antiquated structures throughout the world.We pride ourselves in preserving the structure’s history through the rescue and re-use of building elements like recycled beams, reclaimed timber and reclaimed wood flooring.

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