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He replied with “I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT” and attached his resume.

A Michigan State University student, who is from Mid-Michigan, has received dozens of phone calls after creating and sharing a dating resume.

Adams wrote on Twitter, “If this is peaking, then I’m 107 percent OK with it.” He plans to intern in San Francisco for Shell Oil Company this summer, to continue his pursuit of chemical engineering.

As for the ladies, he’s still unattached and has no prospects on the horizon.

and from there, it’s been gangbusters,” he said, adding he’s getting “endless Facebook requests.” Adams didn’t get the date, but judging from the response he’s gotten, he won’t be alone for long.

He’s been written up on Buzzfeed and Cosmopolitan Magazine, appeared on Good Morning America, and revealed on Twitter he’s gotten calls from the Steve Harvey Show and Ellen.

When Adams responded, the friend asked for his dating resume. Adams said he’d been “waiting for this moment.” “A lot of people think I just wrote this so I could start picking up chicks but that’s not the case at all,” he told CBS Detroit, adding that he wrote the resume as a joke after a girl rejected him previously.

Joey says he made the resume just as a joke to kind of make light of his rejection."If I'm ever in this situation ever again, but I'm not sure I will be, I want to be ready," he told us.

(CBS Detroit) If a sense of humor landed the hot girl, this Michigan State University student would be dating Kate Upton. She’s not weird, the ad says, she just lives in the library and needed a guy to take her to a formal.

Joe Adams, a junior at MSU, responded to an ad in an MSU Facebook group last Wednesday from a girl looking for a date for her friend.

You can hear more from Joey in the video player above. He recently posted his resume in a Facebook group for the Michigan State University Class of 2018.

A fellow student put out an ad to get a formal date for her roommate -- and Joey replied with his resume saying, ' I have been waiting for this moment! He says he's gone on a few coffee dates since then, but nothing too serious yet.

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He is overwhelmed, though, by all the messages he's gotten on social media.

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