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Dating ayaka

She resigned as captain of Team K, but was reinstated later.

so excited to be here on Wattpad I will make Asks/Dares; one-shots; songfics; FNAFx OC; and full stories for EVERY SINGLE THING I'M FANGIRLING ABOUT!!She also appeared in the Winter 2002-2003 "Angel Blue" fashion catalog and was on the cover of the manga Young Sunday dated April 7, 2005.She was a member of the 2004 edition of the Japanese modeling quartet named Nittelligenic, an idol group sponsored by Nippon TV.She grew up playing and likes some current songs, like “Diamonds” by Rihanna.She’ll watch some You Tube [videos] and start playing that stuff.

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She has acted in the following movies: Odoru Daisosasen The Movie 2 (her role in this film was relatively minor; she gets attacked by a vampire), Koibumi, Master of Thunder, A Perfect Day for Love Letters, Drift and Drift 2 (later released as Drift Deluxe Edition), and Boku wa Imōto ni Koi o Suru (which opened in Japan on January 20, 2007, and later in Europe under the English title My Sister, My Love).