Who is sophia bush dating austin nichols

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Who is sophia bush dating austin nichols

Among the ridiculously endearing storylines to come from One Tree Hill, perhaps the rotating romances were the best.

Everyone dated everyone, and that seemed to be no problem at all. But behind the bright lights of the TV screen and the scripted series, there were actually quite a few romances behind closed doors. As really young co-stars, Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray met, dated and married in 2005 before separating just five months later.

Some magnetic sorcery takes over and suddenly, BAM! That's what happened for 33 TV couples who dated in real life.

They're married AND they have a baby, Oliver Finley.

In fact, interestingly, it was Murrary who originally spilled the news to the press.

The actor was on his high school basketball team before being cast on One Tree Hill.7.

Moira Kelly (Karen) found out she was pregnant after the pilot was shot, but Schwahn didn't want to write the pregnancy into the show, so they used an array of props to hide her belly. Though Jackson Brundage was only 6 when he was cast as Jamie, he was really good at memorizing lines. When Jamie was first written into the show, a lot of his scenes were dictated by what Brundage wanted to do.

He would tell Schwahn he wanted to eat ice cream, and in nearly every scene, he'd be eating ice cream.

Good news for fans of the locally filmed TV series “One Tree Hill” who want a ninth season UPDATE: TVline is reporting that Bethany Joy Galeotti has signed for a ninth season as well and hints that James would return in some capacity as well. (According to Zap2It, Jackson Brundage’s contract logically depends on whether his TV parents, Lafferty and/or Galeotti, return.) Now, of course, none of this means the show is definitely coming back.

Stars Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols tweeted early this morning that they each had signed on for a ninth season of “One Tree Hill,” if there is one. But ratings seem OK, and local crew members seem upbeat.

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Two people working in the same industry and/or the same environment day in and day out are bound to have a great deal in common. And sometimes leads to even more ultra hot on-screen chemistry than before. ) Some of the celebrity couples listed in this sexy gallery worked out and are still together. Kaley is now married to Ryan Sweeting, but she and her co-star are still good friends. These two dated in the time of Twitter and could be found sending cute little tweets back and forth before breaking up. We're sure she congratulated him on his probably impending death as a newcomer on The Walking Dead Season 6.